Where did all of my snippets go?

I have created multiple snippets. I went to delete one of them and now i cannot see any of them in my dashboard list on the left hand side. I see 'my sample snippets' where they were located, and 2 new folders. All of them are empty.

However, when i click on the chrome widget on the chorme taskbar on the upper right of the taskbar, i do see all of my snippets there. They also continue to work as normal.

Where are they and how to i see them again in the Dashboard??

Hi Allan! That has happened to myself and a few users on my team before. In my experience, it has coincided with a Chrome update. The few times it’s happened, it was quickly resolved with the following steps:

1. Remove the Text Blaze extension from Chrome
2. Perform an “Advanced Clear Browser Data”
3. Update Chrome if an update is available
4. Re-add Text Blaze

Hope this helps, Allan. Let us know how it goes.

Keep Blazing! :fire:


I have tried the above steps but it is not working.

Hi. Can you please share a screenshot of your Text Blaze dashboard so I can get a better sense of what might be causing this?

UPDATE for anyone following this thread.

The issue was that the snippets folder was closed/collapsed.

Here's a gif to show what that looks like and how to open/close folders.


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