Why are all my line breaks gone?

Hello! For the past several days, two of my imported snippets are displaying with no line breaks. It works something like this:

[main snippet]
all lines breaks good
    if: condition 1[imported snippet 1]
        all lines run together without line breaks
    elseif: condition 2[imported snippet 2]
        all lines run together without line breaks

I'm constantly tinkering with my snippets, so I guess I did something to cause this, presumably in the main snippet, since it's happening to both imported snippets. But I can't figure out what could possibly cause this and don't see anything weird. The code is too extensive to post here, but might you have any guesses?

Oh, and re: some obvious troubleshooting, when I preview either imported snippet by itself in TB, it looks fine.

I'm particularly looking for some "trim" setting that might be globally trimming all whitespace on the imported snippet, but not finding anything like that in my snippet source.

Hello Megan,

It's hard to troubleshoot without looking at the snippet code, but have you checked the trim settings of the imported snippet in your final snippet? The import command can also have trim set to it.

Have you tried other of your snippets on the same text box? Do they all work expect for those two in particular?

I'd be happy to go over your snippet code and try to find the issue, so feel free to email me the snippets in question: obed@blaze.today

Thank you for the offer -- I've emailed you. Sooo curious to find out what the issue is!