Why I love Text Blaze

A lot of people think that Text Blaze is just a text expander. I know better. :wink:


Great one, Laren! What were the most challenging situations you encountered when building this? Also, curious what (if anything) did you figure out that you did not know about before building this?

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Thanks Brad! It really wasn't that hard actually. The most challenging thing was the check box. I tried using a toggle for TRUE or FALSE and inserting that, but it wrote the word. So I realized that if I hit the space bar that it would check the box. So that is what I added in that made it work.
Every so often I would try it out as I was building it, just to make sure that it was putting everything in the correct spots.

Great stuff @Laren_Eggleston - if you want we could hop on a call, maybe I can give you some additional tips to make it even faster :slight_smile:

Let me know!

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