Why is shortcut inserting with the snippet?

Sometimes when using a shortcut it inserts the shortcut and the snippet - Why is this happening? Is there any way to avoid it. We have to go back and delete the shortcut at the beginning of the Snippet. Appreciate any assistance.

Hi Andrea,

Sometimes this happens when the shortcut is typed too slowly.

Please try the following:

  1. Go to the Options page in your dashboard: Text Blaze Dashboard
  2. Find "Typing speed"
  3. Move the slider to the right (towards "Slower Typing")

Try using Text Blaze with that slower setting for a few days. If you're still experiencing the problem, please send me an email on support@blaze.today with the subject "ATTN: Cedric" so we can do some deeper trouble-shooting.

Hi @Andrea_McNamee,

Just circling back on this. Is the issue resolved?

I'm having the same issue. Only the last character of the shortcut is being converted to snippet; the rest of the shortcut remains.

For example, if I use this shortcut/snippet combination . . .

Shortcut: introduction
Snippet: Hello, my name is John.

I'll end up with . . .

introductioHello, my name is John.

This happens no matter what the typing speed is set to.

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I'm having the same issue and speed isn't the problem. It's happening across several shortcuts that have been recently created (last 3 months) but not older ones and for me, specifically in the FB comments section

This is a known issue. We are currently Beta testing a release that addresses it.

If you're interested in Beta testing it, shoot us an email at support@blaze.today. Note that you need to use a Gmail or GSuite login to be part of our beta program.


This issue is still occurring on several of my shortcuts as well. Do we have an idea when the new version is coming or should we continue to email in to support to become a beta tester?

I’m interested a bit in the shortcut names for the snippets. I’ve noticed this happens more often on shortcuts that have plain text names. The structure I go with for my shortcuts is ending them with the accent mark `

It never happens on my shortcuts I have named this way and helps to serve as a sort of enter key for my snippets. Hope this helps!

That's interesting. @LeAnn_Industrious_Bo can you test what @Peter_Monterubio just suggested and report back please?

We're in the process of rolling out the Facebook fix in Text Blaze version 2.6.7. It hasn't rolled out to most users yet tough.

If you want don't want to wait for the rollout to complete, you can force Text Blaze to immediately update to the latest version by uninstalling and reinstalling the extension from the Chrome WebStore.