Windows Desktop Version of Text Blaze

A version of Text Blaze that works with all Windows application.

Please! Most of the options that run on the desktop are not as straightforward to set up and use effectively. I am paying for the pro version and have been encouraging the owner of my psychiatric practice to contact you to create an enterprise or business version for the practice. I have a few other providers testing out my snippets from my desktop but I would feel better about the whole process if TextBlaze was run locally so I could document without internet access and random reloading of our EMR which can delete 10 minutes of documentation accidentally. We don't have that many providers but we have about 600 patients each and so far your program/extension has saved me 50% of the time I recently spent on documentation. So, I guess a thank you is in order but also if there is an upcoming locally run desktop/ offline version of your extension/ software I am sure I could get some folks excited about it in our clinic. Thanks again,


I really would like this as well. There have been many times I tried using one of my TextBlaze snippets while in Dev Tools or not in a browser at all. It would be very nice to not have to worry about if I was on a website or not to use my snippets.


I would add to this wish: a Mac OS version of Text Blaze!

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I would like this as well as we end up needing to use MS Word more often than I would like. Having the right-click function anywhere on my computer would be really great.

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will this ever happen this would be great, it's really annoying when you go to use it outside of chrome and your just like why isn't it working lol then your like oh chrome so you have open chrome just to find a place to type to copy and paste or open the extension and find it, even if you could add the right click option outside of Chrome that would be somewhat more helpful usted to use text expander way older looking and less user friendly but being able to use it anywhere that is a huge advantage and it was a big adjustment ONLY being able to use it inside of Chrome

Just to follow up on this, we just launched a Beta of a Windows app!


You can learn more and get the Windows app here: