Working with multiple rows from Data Blaze

Hi again!
I have a snippet where I use Data Blaze to read multiple rows (usually 2-4).

I want my snippet to include a small table -- basically, it should reprint the rows pulled, though I only want some of the columns, not all.

I see how to use the {repeat} command to print each item in a list on its own line. But I'm not sure about working with multiple lists -- how would I output something like this:

Jane 29 female
John 29 male

Bonus question: outputting them in plain text like above would be OK - I can add delimiters for ease of reading - but in my ideal world, it would be a small table. Since I don't know how many rows the user will select, I don't know how many rows this table would be. Is it possible to generate it to the same number of rows as I've selected?

Hi @megan.gendell
I recorded a short video to show you how it's done. I hope this helps:


THAT IS SO COOL. Works great. Thank you!

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In case it's useful info for anyone else, a note:
Now I need to update my variable names elsewhere in the snippet
before: {=book[1]}
now: {=InsertedTable[1].book}
(I think I got that right)