Writers and Text Blaze

Hey everyone. Was just wondering whether we have any writers in the community.

As a writer myself, Text Blaze is an irreplaceable tool in my arsenal. I'd love to hear how other writers in our community are using Text Blaze to be more productive.

Let's share our top tips in this thread. I'll start. You'll find mine in the first reply to this topic.

I work on many different projects.

When I'm writing for a brand, I like to save the brand's name as a snippet, because I know I'll be writing it multiple times in my piece.

For instance, I have a snippet for the name "Text Blaze", which I use all the time.

It's not just a question of saving typing time either. The main benefit here is avoiding mistakes. If I'm writing copy for a project, it can be pretty embarrassing to have a typo in the name :sweat_smile:

Another tip.

I do all of my writing in Google Docs. When I'm working on a piece, I know I'm going to be opening that doc many times.

Before Text Blaze, I used to bookmark the link in my browser, or just keep the tab open. But that becomes overwhelming very quickly.

But with Text Blaze, I can save that url in a snippet with the shortcut /curr

When I need to open the document, I type tb followed by a space in my browser url bar. This brings up the Text Blaze assistant in the URL bar. Then I just write my shortcut /curr followed by the enter key, and Text Blaze expands it into whatever url I had saved in my snippet.

I always keep the same shortcut and just change the link inside the snippet based on what document I'm currently working on.