"you have conflicting shortcuts

I need help., since 2 days i cant use my hastags.... shortcuts.. can you pls help?

Hi and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Conflicting shortcuts means you have something like this:

Shortcut 1: /email
Shortcut 2: /e

With a pair of shortcuts like this, the first shortcut will never trigger, because as soon as you type "/e", the second shortcut will trigger. So you will never be able to type out "/email".

So please look through your shortcuts and see if you have something like this. Maybe even all you shortcuts start with a slash and you have a shortcut that is just a single slash by itself.

Also, you can hover over the "Conflicting shortcuts" message in the lower left of the Text Blaze window to get a tooltip directing you to the problematic shortcuts.

Let us know if this helps!