Ability to run script after page loads

I have been running a script that creates a case in SalesForce. It categorizes the case, adds subject, and saves. After I want this app to launch a script immediately on the created case page, however it cannot find the targets. It will find the targets if I manually run another script to find them. Is there a way or can it be implemented to update the target window to the active tab? Is there a work around that I am missing?

Hi @ddbarta5 Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Right now the solution you have found is the best solution. There is no way to run the Text Blaze snippet automatically on the new case page.

One of our users has posted the same feature request here: Access Content When New Page Loads We're working on it, but no ETA as of now. You can subscribe on that post to be notified.

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@ddbarta5 make sure to vote on the feature idea Gaurang linked you to! :wink: