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Hi Scott,
I am asking for a Genie out of a Bottle!
Having fixed the issue of deriving a single predetermined outcome /output once 3 variables have been inputed, a neat snippet is completed (which does need your assistance tidying up to make it presentable) however my issue now is that I want to make it an active decision as to whether or not to proceed with the snippet and not a passive decision.
Let me explain, With your toggle function if the button is not pressed there is an opportunity to leave a message and state "No anti-platelet medication is currently taken." However, this is a passive option in the eyes of professional body, in that is being done by omission.
They have asked that before the snippet for anti-platelet treatment be seen that the question be asked, is the patient currently taking anti-platelet medication? If No then the statement "No anti-platelet medication is currently taken." can appear. If Yes is ticked then then snippet for anti-platelet treatment appears (nicely formatted). Is that possible? A Genie out of a Bottle!