Adding Attachments/Files


Is there any way to include attachments and files in a snippet?

I want to send an email that has some attachments with it. Rather than uploading it continuously, it would be great if Text Blaze automatically uploads it.

Please let me know!

This depends on what app you are using and how you are selecting files.

You can use Text Blaze to automate actions in a web page like click on an "Attach a file" button. You will then be able to automate the selection of a file if the file attachment interface is a web widget.

What this means is if you have some sort of cloud library of files, you will likely be able to script it with Text Blaze and select a file. However, if you are trying to select and upload a file from your computer, that won't work as Text Blaze can't script your operating system's upload dialogue.

Hope this provides some clarity. Here is more information on scripting web pages with Text Blaze: