Adding Table to my snippet

I have to add a table to my snippet that's 5w x 7h how would I go about this?

Text Blaze doesn't currently support tables but they are on our roadmap.

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Really would like to have tables in textblaze. It's on the radmap, you say? But is there a planned date too?

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This is still something we plan to add but there is still no ETA for it yet.

I agree Tables in Blaze would be extremely useful

also to add multiple entries from a dropdown list in a numbered format :1 above the other as a list would also be great

@Gavin_Nimon, could you describe your second point more? Is it specific to tables? If not it might already be doable.

what I mean is that when selecting multiple answers from drop down field, rather than type them out like
choice a, choice b , choice c etc

you could list them
-choice a
-choice b
-choice c

regards Gavin

That should be possible. Something like:

{formmenu: option a; option b; option c; multiple=yes; formatter=(options) -> "-" & join(options, "\n-") if count(options) > 1 else "Nothing selected"}

Note the preview doesn't show the newlines, but they will be there when you insert it.

Excellent- that works well
regards Gavin