Adding Table to my snippet

I have to add a table to my snippet that's 5w x 7h how would I go about this?

Text Blaze doesn't currently support tables but they are on our roadmap.


Really would like to have tables in textblaze. It's on the radmap, you say? But is there a planned date too?

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This is still something we plan to add but there is still no ETA for it yet.

I agree Tables in Blaze would be extremely useful

also to add multiple entries from a dropdown list in a numbered format :1 above the other as a list would also be great

@Gavin_Nimon, could you describe your second point more? Is it specific to tables? If not it might already be doable.

what I mean is that when selecting multiple answers from drop down field, rather than type them out like
choice a, choice b , choice c etc

you could list them
-choice a
-choice b
-choice c

regards Gavin

That should be possible. Something like:

{formmenu: option a; option b; option c; multiple=yes; formatter=(options) -> "-" & join(options, "\n-") if count(options) > 1 else "Nothing selected"}

Note the preview doesn't show the newlines, but they will be there when you insert it.

Excellent- that works well
regards Gavin

Hi, I was just searching for a way to add use tables in Textblaze and wanted to see if this is something that's still on the roadmap or if maybe there are other workarounds to this issue.

I'd like to be able to use Textblaze to quickly insert a template for a meeting agenda that has several tables and bulleted lists into a Google Doc for immediate use instead of having to find a blank template. It's a small problem but it would be a great addition.

I've only been using Textblaze for a few months and love it, by the way. It's an absolute game-changer for my job. Great work!

Hi @Brett_Jones,

For now, Text Blaze doesn't support tables. The feature is still on our wishlist but I'm unable to offer you an ETA.

Got it. Thanks for letting me know. Even without the feature, I still find Textblaze incredibly valuable. Take care.

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Thanks for your kind words @Brett_Jones. I assure you that you'll find it even more valuable if you take a good look around the forums. We've got some really smart people sharing amazing workflows with Text Blaze!

And of course, hit me up anytime with questions :slight_smile:

It's been awhile since the last time this thread was posted on, but I wanted to check back if it would be an option anytime soon? I am just trying to insert my email signature that's in the form of a table

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Hi @Sabrina_Campion - welcome to the forum.

At this point we still can't give an ETA for when this will be implemented. It's definitely on our wishlist, but our focus is currently on bigger updates.

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Hi all! It is now possible to build a table in Text Blaze Snippets. Head over to our March update to learn more. To insert a table, use the table option in the snippet editor, like this: