API or Upload Overwite

Hi All,

I am just about to test drive the import function. If that allows us to override, then possibly it is a solution for us.

Is there an API for textblaze or will there be any integrations with zapier, etc. in the future? We would love to have the textblaze shortcuts update when we modify inputs in an Airtable DB.

BTW just discovered textblaze and it is changing my life. We custom quote and this is allow us to create product vendor and product descriptions, which we can them use to create quotes. It is awesome!


We don't have an API but are planning to add one at some point.

However, for your specific use case, it seams like the {urlload} command might solve your needs to read from Airtable directly. Here is more information:

You can use this command to read data from AirTable's API and use it to populate a snippet on the fly dynamically.

So for instance, if you had product pricing data in AirTable you could pull it on the fly when a snippet it used to make sure your snippet was using the update pricing information.

Note that we're working on adding another layer to Text Blaze to make integrations with 3rd parties much easier, you can learn a bit about it here:

Legend @scott - will have a look into all of this shortly!

Great! It's a little complex so let us know if you have any questions as you start to experiment.