Auto-trigger another snippet

When a snippet is finished running, I want the ability to have another snippet auto-triggered.

Use case: My teams create hundreds of new cases in Salesforce every day using many snippets. Some of these case creation processes require the agent to perform additional manual actions immediately after the case is created. In some situations, the agent needs to open the case in edit mode and run another snippet that uses regex to fill in additional information. This information is not available until after a case is created, hence why it cannot be done when creating the new case because there is nothing on the screen for regex to extract.

The perfect outcome of this request would be a command similar to {Import} that would allow another snippet to be automatically started after the first snippet is finished.

Thanks Brad! Cool idea, we'll think about what we can do on it.


I also would like something like this this!

Sometimes embedding snippets within other snippets does not allow for the flexibility I need. I have a use case where my system is a little finicky, and I need to replace my cursor to a different area and begin the next snippet. There is the possibility once I move on from the original snippet that I will forget to enter the data needed for my next section so I have attempted to use keyboard presses to move my cursor to the next area and embedded the snippet I need to use. However, being that the system is a little buggy, when trying to tab to the appropriate area, it is not always successful and my data gets misplaced (this is a medical EMR use case). I have always wanted to be able to submit the info I have been working on in snippet 1, pause and place my cursor in the next area, and keep going with the next set of data!

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@Rebecca_MacAdams Please stay tuned for our October monthly update coming out in a few days. We have a new feature that should make moving to that text area a lot faster and more robust.


The update is out now!

Check out the new Beta selector setting on the click command. It makes it easy to jump quickly to any field.

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Gave this a try and it didn't work for me. You don't need to still tab to the area right? Just select the element? I wonder if it is because it is an EMR that I am using?

Yes, it should work without needing to tab. Hopefully, it doesn't depend on the EMR. We will need some more details to check this issue.

Can you please email us at with the specific snippet you are using and a screenshot of the particular page in the EMR where you are trying to use the snippet? We will look into it asap