Better control of nested loops

  • If we have several nested IF statements and there is a lot of content between the opening and closing tags or between various branches, the highlighted other parts of the snippet are not visible on screen anymore. The highlight color is too discreet btw in either case.
  • If we accidentally delete a single curly brace, the rest of the loop is no longer visible w highlight, behaves as if it is not a logical command. We need to be able to "jump" to the next logical part of the loop.
  • better version control, automatically save drafts

Hi @Zita_Daniel_Nad , thanks for your suggestions!

Point 1 is similar to what we discussed before in Formatting Nested IF Statements but let me know if what you are suggesting now is different (and it's fine to discuss it again; I can understand it can be confusing to edit large snippets without proper highlights)

Point 2: Can you give a step-by-step example of what you want to happen when you delete a single brace?

Point 3: Snippets are always automatically saved. Which drafts are you referring to? And, the snippet change history is available on the business plan. What improvements would you like to see in it?

Point 1
It is confusing because it only works with short snippets where you do not have a lot of text within and around the loop. Once the loop is broken which can easily happen when you need to make changes, it is no longer possible to quickly see where the broken bit is.
Would it be possible to at least have a warning pop up when a "{" or "}" is deleted? Or rewrite this whole logic so that it behaves more like a code editor and clearly indents connected parts so even when a brace is deleted it is still clear where it belongs.

See image, I can no longer HOVER to see where this is broken.

Point 2
I do not intentionally delete a single brace but when I am selecting text to delete it accidentally "catches" a brace. The highlighting does not work well when the loop is long or broken.
Please note that while I did use Lorem Ipsum for privacy purposes, a lot of the Text Blaze snippets our dompany uses are long as demonstrated in this example.

Point 3
Snippets are automatically saved into an active one.
It would be better if they were saved as a draft and an option offered to make the draft active, once we test this current snippet w implemented changes. Otherwise we can accidentally break a snippet. We are currently forced to create copies, work on copies and then remove the active on and replace by the copy.

Thank you for constantly communicating so well and working on improving Text Blaze. This is definitely one of our favourite tools.

Thanks @Zita_Daniel_Nad for the clear screenshots and explaining your use case in detail. I understand it now.

This thread has two separate discussions in the same thread (snippet syntax and snippet drafts). So I have created a new topic for your second request about draft models: Draft/Publish model for shared snippets. Feel free to continue the discussion in that thread.

I know it is hard to understand the end user, especially when they are not versed in dev lingo , thank you so much for your patience!