Bold texts becomes unbold after some time

Hey Everyone,

Since I work most of the time on legal documents, I want to keep certain part of documents in BOLD. While preparing snippets, I select the part in bold, but after sometimes, it does not appear in bold. This happens especially to the dynamic content. Can someone help me?

For example, if you see above image, wherein all the dynamic content like nameofentity, nameofsign etc. has to be in BOLD. When I select these part and select bold, it works but after some time, it does not work.

This has started happening especially after Enhanced command editing. It was never an issue before.


You can disable it from your user settings screen

I'm not sure I understand your issue though. Would if be possible to provide step by step instructions for us to reproduce it? We would love to get it fixed.

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Thank you for the quick revert @scott.

I want output of this part in Bold so I select this part and click on bold or ctrl+b

Above part comes in bold when I execute the snippet immediately but after sometime, the output does not come in bold. please see below output. This is actual output while writing this reply.

I hope this helps to understand the issue I am facing.

Looks like disabling it resolves the issue.

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This is also the solution for my issues with using colors in forms. Once I disabled that I was able to keep the formatting. However, I do like the new ECE. I would suggest that there be at the least a bold setting within the command.

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I agree. This would be great.

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This issue should now be fixed. Could you reenable the modern editor and let me know if everything works for you now?


Thanks. Looks like its working now. Thank you for the quick resolution.

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