Can you insert Time Selectors to show hh:mm?

I need to be able to have an option to pick from a time selector showing hh:mm.
I cannot find one so i guess looking in wrong place but most text expanders provide one.
I tried with your insert date selector and used hh:mm but it errrors

Also can it show default 7am - 6pm?

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Hi @Thorrrr,

You'll need to use two formmenu commands for that. Here is an example:

{note: trim=yes}{formmenu: name=hour; cols=5; values={=seq(7, 18)}; default=7}{formmenu: name=minute; cols=5; values={=seq(0, 59, 5)}; default=0}
{=hour}:{=minute if len(minute) == 2 else 0 & minute}

Hour - only between 7 and 18.
Minute - 5 minute step choices

HI Mansur_Kutybayev
Cheers for your help it does appear to me that TB does not see time as an important part of snippets. I always seem to have to fudge a way of making it work!. I am not sure why like other text expander apps you don't have like a calendar with a built-in clock. Times are especially important in businesses who use shipping and delivery info. Having to do huge dropdowns with clock times is very backward in IMHO. Just wondered if it was on your roadmap to add this or do i need to add it to suggestions?

Hi @Thorrrr,

That is a great idea. We will add this to our roadmap.

Would you want a standalone command for picking time or do you want it to be available together with date picker (formdate)?

It might be an idea to test it with beta users. Personally, i would have both time within a calendar popup but also a specific time popup for more detailed time work as its own pop out. You can use the same code in the back end