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RedfinNow Cash Offer{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{wait}{cursor}{clipboard: trim=yes}{key:enter}{wait}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.5s}{click}{wait: delay=.5s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.5s}{click}{wait: delay=2s}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{cursor: trim=yes}{wait: delay=.5s}{key:ctrl-a}{key:backspace}{wait: delay=.5s}Hi {formtext: name=Name},
I'm excited to meet with you about your cash offer from RedfinNow!
During our meeting, we’ll review:

  • Your cash offer in detail including fees and closing costs
  • The timeline for the cash offer process step by step
  • How a cash offer differs from a traditional sale
  • Next steps for selling your home
I’ll be sharing my screen during the meeting to explain each part of your offer. I’d recommend joining via a laptop or tablet so you can clearly see my screen, but no worries at all if your phone is more convenient. {formtoggle: name=No photos; default=yes}If you can upload photos before our meeting, that'd be great! They will help the investment specialist write the most accurate offer for you.{endformtoggle} You can find more information about the RedfinNow cash offer program by visiting our website at
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or if you need to reschedule. See you soon!