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Text Blaze recruiting email

{formtext: name=first name} - Be a Full Stack Engineer @ Text Blaze (YC W'21){key: tab}Hi {formtext: name=first name}
My name is Dan and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Text Blaze. {formparagraph: name=personal message; default=I wanted to reach out in person because you seem like the perfect fit for Text Blaze.; cols=40; rows=2}. Based on your {note}{formmenu: name=profile; multiple=yes; LinkedIn; AngelList; default=Work@Startup; Hacker News; GitHub}{endnote}{=join(profile,"BLAZE_AND")} profile it seems like you have the {note}{formmenu: name=skills; multiple=yes; default=Javascript; React; Google Cloud; SQL}{endnote} {=join(skills,"BLAZE_AND")} skills we're looking for and I sense that you'll fit right in.

Text Blaze promotes efficient communications for individuals and teams. We recently completed Y-Combinators and raised a great Seed round (TechCrunch article). You can hear Scott, My co-founder and CTO, discuss Text Blaze here

We are not a typical Seed-stage startup - We already established product-market fit and acquired users that LOVE us in some of the largest companies in the world.

This is an amazing opportunity to join the founding team of an early-stage startup with major traction and fast revenue growth that's generating a lot of interest, and shape its future part of the founding team.

We're looking for a strong and experienced full-stack developer, who can take ownership and drive impact.

We're a remote company, so if you're looking to have a worldwide impact from the comfort of your home - we're the company for you. 

Let me know if you think this is a good fit for you, and let's chat this week. Let me know what times work for you.