Count length of Form Menu

Hopefully, this is quite simple. I need to count the number of items selected in a Form Menu. Is there a simple way of doing this?

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There is a simple way to do that!

{formmenu: A; B; C; D; multiple=yes; name=items}
Count of items: {=count(items)}

Hi Scott, thank you for showing me this. I'd just happened across the formula snippet and count. Thank you

I want to briefly chime in here.

Firstly, I'm sure the solution is not obvious for many users. So thanks for posting about it @Anon_Brown :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, whenever you think there might be a straightforward solution, you might want to give AI Write a try first. I tried it with your query and got the correct answer:

This is a very new feature (see announcement) so there's a good chance folks didn't notice it yet :wink:

Do let me know how it works for you!