Custom fonts for none email related tasks

I was wondering if we could add custom fonts to Text Blaze or have a setting that uses the font style of the text box the snippet is being entered in.

Use Case
I have some Google Slides that for the most part are the same every time except for a few items like presenter, client name, date, etc.

I would like to use a snippet form to populate the text boxes making sure the required fields are filled in with the correct items and formatting.

The Issue
The text color and size are correct but the font is not.

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @Matt_Escorcia,

Fonts on the web are tricky. To have a consitent experience as much as possible, for now, we're restricting Text Blaze to fonts that have a very high install base so your snippets should display on other people's computers the same way you see them.