Eliminating the final space

Whenever I insert a snippet, Text Blaze adds a space to the end. If I want to add the possessive: apostrophe-s I have to check the snippet, then backspace, then type apostrophe-s. (Usually I check AFTER I type 's.) If there is a setting to NOT add that space, I can't find it. (It may be hiding in plain sight.)

For example, if I want to add the word "Chromebook" and type my trigger ";cb"
the insertion adds a space "Chromebook"+"space". But if I want to make it possesive, I have to remember to check the snippet insertion, backspace, then type 's.

I even tried to add a backspace to the end of the insertion, but instead of deleting the space, it deleted the k and added a space. "Chromeboo"+a space.

What am I missing?
(and thanks for your answer)

Hi Andrew,

You should be able to type ;cb's and Text Blaze will output Chromebook's. The "post-abbreviation character" (Requiring a post-abbreviation character as per your last post) can be a space or any other symbol character like apostrophe.

Let us know if it works for you.

Yes, adding an apostrophe or other mark does work, if I remember to do it in the heat of writing quickly. On my PC, PhraseExpress has the option of turning off the final space on a per-abbreviation basis (which is a bit clunky in design, but works in execution).

I think I need to get used to two systems of doing shortcuts between my PC and my Chromebook. (Change is hard.)

Now, if Text Blaze would add the use of a 'pre-abbreviation character' such as an opening parenthesis, bracket, square bracket, or < or squiggly bracket '{' it would make it easier to enter an abbreviation right after starting a parenthetical phrase while using the open space option. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry it took so long to test your tip and respond.


Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that you can use the Text Blaze for Windows app (Text Blaze: Snippets and Templates for Windows) to make the systems on both your PC and your Chromebook consistent :wink:

True. But PhraseExpress has other features that I use a lot: clipboard histories, insert with one-click shortcuts, and all my customized HTML shortcuts. I've used it for over 10 years, too, so I don't need to think, just do, for now. Good suggestion, though.