Extra Lines in Hubspot - Desktop version

I am using the Windows Desktop version of Text Blaze because I love that it works everywhere, not just in my browser.

But, within Hubspot, there are extra lines I can't get rid of. Is there a fix for this yet?

@CaptainTime can you confirm whether or not this is limited to just the desktop version? That is, can you try using the snippet in question via the Desktop app first, then disable the desktop app and enable the Chrome extension and try the same snippet. Do they both result in the extra spaces or is it just the desktop version?

Hi @CaptainTime Thanks for letting me know. I am able to reproduce the issue on HubSpot with a styled snippet. We will look into this and let you know if there's a fix for this.

Note that empty line issues are not unique to the desktop app. We have similar issues in the Chrome extension. See this thread for example: Hubspot chat and email: missing empty lines. It seems we need to do a deep dive into newline issues with HubSpot.

Yes I know there is a workaround for the Chrome version, but I am committed to the Desktop app as it lets me use Text Blaze everywhere instead of only in my browser.

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Are there any updates on this? Is there a solution for the Windows desktop version of Hubspot that will allow me to remove the extra lines in Hubspot?

Hi @CaptainTime we're sorry about the inconvenience on this issue. We will look into this and let you know if there are any new updates from our side or any updates in HubSpot's editor.