First CAP or lower case


I am having fun with Text Blaze!

What I want to do are "typo" corrections as follows ... but if I type both snippets in they are classed as duplicates. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I get a first letter CAP (for the start of a sentence) vs no-CAPS (for a mid-sentence insertion)?

dth => do this here (use case: "I want to do this here.")
DTH => Do this here (use case: "Do this here, to accomplish the following ...")

Thanks in advance.

Hi Damian,

This isn't currently possible as snippets are case insensitive.

We got a detailed feature request for capabilities that would support this and it's something we plan to add down the road.

Thanks for the reply.

I know Microsoft Word adjust automatically for the start of a sentence.

Or you could go with WTH => "WHAT THE HECK", Wth => "What the heck" and wth => "what the heck"

I would also be interested in full user control using something like an IF statement check on the text input characters:
IF {input = lower case} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = upper case} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = sentence case} WhAt ThE HeCk

That's a very interesting idea. We could support it without adding any options/complexity to the UI.

Maybe the {snippet} command could be extended. Add another option like {snippet: trigger} that would get you the case sensitive text that triggered the snippet.

What do you think?

I think your solution has potential and I reviewed the snippet command again. Although I used to be a software engineer, I am not seeing the solution in my mind as yet. :grinning: Can you expand with an example please? Use my "wth" example?

You would use it something like this:

{if: {snippet: trigger} == lower({snippet:trigger})}what the heck{elseif: {snippet:trigger} == upper({snippet:trigger})}WHAT THE HECK{else}What the heck{endif}

(doesn't work yet as {snippet: trigger} doesn't exist -- and {snippet: shortcut} refers to the canonical shortcut, not what was actually typed)

Oh yeah!!!! That'll do it.:grinning:

Not done yet! ... what else do you have to do now that we have COVID-19??? :grimacing:

I'll look forward to seeing it in the future. Thanks for taking my feedback and humoring me on the solution. :+1:

This would be a really good feature. The {snippet: trigger} variable would be useful and a great idea. I think it would also be benefical to have a checkbox for the autocase feature, too, of course (similar to other text expanders), so that it's very quick to enable these when adding snippets.