How to add non http URLS?

I'd like to insert a "tel:" url into a snippet to generate a clickable telephone number but using either the "link" tag or the URL item in the text formatter results in them being "invalid links" as TextBlaze automatically inserts "https:" as a prefix to anything deemed to be a link. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, it looks like we don't currently support tel: links.

We can get support for them added and then we'll update you here when they are out.

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Great answer. I appreciate it

Thanks for implementing this feature!

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Hi @Joe_P,

Although I'm part of the Text Blaze team, I'm first and foremost a user like yourself. And as a fellow user, I can tell you that one of the reasons I love Text Blaze so much, is that the team has always been super attentive to community requests like yours.

I remember when I started using Text Blaze back in 2019 (I think), it was already a fantastic product, even though it was nowhere near as amazing as it is today. A lot of the great tools you see today were developed thanks to suggestions and requests from the community. So, thank you all for sharing your feedback and making Text Blaze better for all of us!


For reference, this feature was implemented in our latest October update: