How to move my text blaze account to a new gmail account?

I have changed my gmail account at work and need to transfer my pro account to this new gmail account. Does anyone know how to do it?

This post outlines the steps to take:

I believe you answered my question, but I want to make sure.

I am currently signing in with a Google email provided by my current employer. I hope to be employed with the same company in the fall, but I'm not sure, since I'm on a temporary contract. I'm using the free plan right now.

I want to upgrade to pro. If I have to get a new job, do I just change my email address? I want to make sure that I will keep my current snippets and won't have to pay for pro twice in one year.


Hi @Katy_Heath,

Yes, you can change the email address tied to your Text Blaze account anytime, as long as you still have access to that email account.

So, if at some point your employment at the current company is ending, you should change your Text Blaze account email address while you still have access to the email.

To do this, visit the Account page. Here's a direct link:

Hope this helped :slight_smile: