How to paste the shortcut and triggers the snippet?

Simple question: I have a shortcut that is .dt I want to copy and paste the shorcut to triggers it. How to make it work?

Please note that copy-pasting the shortcut for a snippet won't work. You need to manually type the shortcut in order to trigger the snippet. Alternatively, you can use our browser Assistant, which comes with a default shortcut of Cmd+Shift+Space (macOS) or Ctrl+Shift+Space (Windows).

Another way to insert your snippet is to right-click on the text box and select "Text Blaze" from the context menu. From there, you can select the desired snippet from its folder.

I have a Notion automation button workflow where I insert the Text Blaze shorcut text for auto generating the date but nothing happens. Any idea how to trigger in that case?

Can you confirm if you hear a click sound when you type the shortcut? If you do, is the shortcut getting cleared for you?

If I type yes but in my workflow Notion paste the shortcut in the field every day by automation. Then the shortcut remaind as text there without being triggered

Yes, right, pasting the shortcut will not work. It will work when you type it.

Won't do my workflow. Thanks

Can you share with us a link to an example of this workflow? Does this automation support other actions - such as triggering an emulated keystroke? If so, we could emulate the keystrokes required to type the Text Blaze shortcut.

I have used AutoHotKey (another automation tool) to type out the snippet shortcut, and it successfully triggers the snippet.