Identifier Generator & Insertion

A super helpful type of blaze would be one that can generate and insert a unique identifier. For example, in my s/w development work I frequently want to generate and assign a short identifier for artifacts / documents. For use cases, I currently have to generate (in Google Sheets) a number of UC##: identifiers that I cut and paste in front of a use case name (like "UC09: edit property"). Similarly for Requirements (R005:), Architectural points (A103:), and many others

The key is for the user to customize the prefix (eg "UC" or "R" or "A"), and the number of digits (e.g. 2 for up to 100 use cases, 3 for up to 1000 requirements). Text Blaze would sequentially generate the zero-padded digits after the prefix. Then the user can assign a shortcut (e.g. "/uc" for use case). This would be a HUGE time saver over pre-generating the unique identifiers in a spreadsheet and then cutting and pasting into a document.

I'm a paid user of Text Blaze and would love to have this capability -- would help me stay a paid user.


Hi @user635 Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Can the unique identifiers be consecutive? That is, if you just generated a document with UC008, then the next document can be id as UC009?

yes indeed, that is what is required. The goal is to generate guaranteed unique values so the best way would be increment the integer each time.

@user635 You can use the current time in milliseconds to guarantee uniqueness.

Current time in milliseconds: {time: X}

If you do not want such a large integer, we will have to store an integer value (initially set to 0), and then update it by one each time it is used. Currently, this data storage feature is not available in Text Blaze but we are working on a feature to make it available. I will be able to give you more details by latest next week :slight_smile:

The latest beta feature is out. In simple terms, it is a spreadsheet connected to your snippet. Let's see how to solve your use case with that


Visit spaces link, create a space and then create a table inside it with name (IdentifierGeneration):


The snippet is below. For it to work, first you need to set the value of space=CHANGE_ME to the space ID, which you can get from the URL

{dbselect: SELECT Prefix, Count FROM IdentifierGeneration ORDER BY Count DESC; space=CHANGE_ME; menu=yes}{if: prefix == "CREATE NEW"}{use_count=1}Type new prefix to add: {formtext: name=use_prefix}{else}{use_count=count+1}{use_prefix=prefix}{endif}
Visual padding: {formtext: name=padding_count}{padded_use_count=base(use_count, 10, padding_count)}
{endnote: trim=yes}
{if: prefix == "CREATE NEW"; trim=yes}{dbinsert: INSERT INTO IdentifierGeneration SET Prefix=@use_prefix, Count=@use_count; space=CHANGE_ME; autoaddfields=no}{else}{dbupdate: UPDATE IdentifierGeneration SET Count=@use_count WHERE Prefix == @use_prefix; space=CHANGE_ME; autoaddfields=no}{endif}

Then you can copy and paste this snippet into your Text Blaze dashboard snippet editor. In the preview, you will see: "Invalid Data Blaze query - Cannot use a DB command with this query. You can reconfigure the folder to allow access - Configure folder". Press "Configure folder" to allow the snippet to access your space.

Once this is all done, the snippet should work pretty much exactly as you have described :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you face any issues. This is a new beta feature and we can't wait to see the advanced use cases our users build on top of it!

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Awesome. I'll give this a try and provide feedback. Thanks for attempting to implement quickly.


Hi Keith, did you have a chance to try this? I am happy to jump on a call to walk you through the steps, if you got stuck at any.

I am getting an error message when I try to Configure folder.
An issue occurred while saving. If this issue persists, please report it to

hi Zita,

Are you still getting this error? If so can you email and we can set up a video call to debug it.

I am no longer having this issue. Thank you so much for the reply