Request for Feedback: Data Blaze Beta!

Today, we're we're introducing a companion product to Text Blaze called Data Blaze.

Data Blaze is a lightweight spreadsheet that makes it simple to save data from Text Blaze snippets, or to customize snippets based on the data in a spreadsheet.

Some Data Blaze highlights are:

  1. Rich column types in your data tables with built-in validation


  1. Easy-to-use commands in Text Blaze to use data in a snippet or save data to a Data Blaze table

  1. Sharing and other collaboration features just like in Text Blaze

We built Data Blaze on top of the Baserow open source application. Baserow is great and their team is amazing. We're very happy with this choice as it has allowed us to accelerate the launch of Data Blaze.

We've been Beta testing Data Blaze with a small group of users for the past few months. Now we're ready to open it up to everyone in a Public Beta.

Let us know what you think! How does it work for you? What can we improve?

To get started, just go to Text Blaze and click the switcher icon in the upper right corner or check out our getting started docs:


Can't wait to hear your feedback!


This is soooooo awesome of a game changing tool!! I love it! It made my workflow at least 2 or more times faster! Thanks Scott!!!! :love_letter:

I created a form view that I kept to the side for entering the data that I needed for my casework. I was able to easily use that data in my snippets for my case notes, emails, form fills for Slack and other things, Google Sheets and anything else when I needed it. Without Data Blaze I would have had to copy this info EVERYTIME I needed it!


Thanks Laren!

Omg this sounds completely amazing and exactly what I need, I can’t wait to try it!!


Datablaze has made my life so much easy (on top of Textblaze). Great product! and I have also seen some of the features which other tools does not have. I am so happy to move everything to this. I hope Datablaze is improved to the fullest.


Been finally getting into the nitty gritty this weekend. Loving it so far.

I'm currently rebuilding how we generate snippet usage reports. Currently we embed values in our snippet menus and pass those to a google form. I've been able to easily pass this data into a new table but was wondering if there were any plans for generating data reports in DataBlaze? Similar to charts and graphs in google sheets. I think I mainly just need to dig into how to query the table data to do things like count how many times a specific item is submitted, etc.

It's really a pleasure to use though!


@Peter_Monterubio I'm glad that you find Data Blaze useful. About generating data reports in Data Blaze, it's something that would be really nice to have, but there's no ETA for such a feature at the moment. However, please keep telling us what do you think about Data Blaze, what features are good for you, and what features you are missing.

Having a common database to share with other templates and also colleagues seems very useful.

One minor improvement I have found: my CPU load goes through the roof when having the Data Blaze tab open, causing my laptop fan to go wild. Would be great if CPU usage would be lower in the future.

Thanks so much! I'll keep investigating. Currently are there any SUM or QUERY functions you can perform on the data? Or possibly a way to sync the tables to a sheet?

@Peter_Monterubio Sure there are.

  • For aggregation functions usage inside the table itself like SUM, please click on the footer cell, and select SUM.
    Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 3.46.05 PM

  • For queries, please refer to the BSQL Reference

Please note that we don't have a feature to sync tables to a sheet right now, however, there's no need for that in your use case, we have all the needed features for you. :slight_smile:

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@klaas We are glad that you found Data Blaze useful for you. :slight_smile:

About the CPU load, I don't notice the same thing on my side, however, we'll do our best to always keep optimizing Data Blaze performance for you.

AHA! This is perfect. Thank you!

So to generate a query like counting the number of times a string shows up in the table we'd run the BSQL query from a snippet?

Hi @Peter_Monterubio , yes - that would be the idea.
We would love to help you set up these queries if you want.
You can also create graphs similar to the one here: Text Blaze | Compound Interest Calculator . It takes some work and we're happy to help with that as well.

The goal is to allow you to create these reports as webpages eventually. We would love to have you as design partners for that feature.
(this goes out to anyone with a similar need)

Quickchart is best for creating such reports. I use Quickchart sometimes. Though I do not have much use for creating such reports, having in-built feature in Textblaze for generating such reports is great.

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I want the ability to click-drag-select data within a cell. I have tried doing so in the Beta Desktop App and full browser version. Seems I can only double-click to select a word, or click where I want to start backspacing, and press the backspace key X times to remove the unwanted characters.
DB_Inline Selection

I have a DB table and snippet that I deployed to my team today to gather their ideas for snippets. The My Idea column is a "Long Text" column. I want the ability to wrap the text in a row/column/cell so the entire users submission notes is visible. Thank you!


I know what you are asking for Brad, but maybe you could use the gallery view to see the notes better?
I do wish the gallery view had a pop-out to a new window, but the way it works seems pretty useful for your situation.

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