Import Data from a Google Sheet

Hi Everyone, I am at a roadblock with trying to import specific cells from a Google Sheet we use that is based on a query and is updated every couple of minutes on our end.

This is the sheet I want to import from (and it is already published to publish to web)

Sheet Doc Link: Market Stats - Google Sheets

I can get my sheet loaded using urlload, but how do I select the specific cell to display such as Row 2, Column F? (Not looking for a drop down in this case).

Snippet contents.

Hi @Dano - This thread should help:

If you're still having difficulties, let me know :slight_smile:

You might also want to have a look at Data Blaze, which is a lightweight spreadsheet companion app for Text Blaze. You can read about it here:

Data Blaze is still in Beta, but it can already do a lot to simplify your current workflow :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions you might have!

Hi @Cedric_Debono_Blaze! Thanks for getting back to me - I have read the first article and was able to import the doc into the snippet but am at a complete loss for what is next.

I did see about DataBlaze too, and our org has used it for a couple of "static" spreadsheets already and I am able to design snippets that way with relative ease. The data on the spreadsheet I was referencing comes from a query that is delivered through an API token to our google sheet and updates about every 5 minutes - is that possible to do with DataBlaze? If so I would prefer that route if at all possible!

Data Blaze has an API so you can probably do the same thing with it that you are doing with Google sheets.

Each Data Blaze space has API documentation built into it so just create a space and check out the docs to see what is possible.

Let us know if you need any help getting this set up.

@scott Thanks for this! I am still pretty new to all of this so might need some hand holding -

On the google sheet we use this syntax in cell 1, A to automatically import our query there:

=importdata("api url here")

Would that be as simple with DataBlaze, or would I need to work through extra steps?

@Cedric_Debono_Blaze thanks for this, I was actually finally able to get the google sheet list to print to the snippet as per the article you directed me to, and the drop down to display with the items in each row! Now I am just a little stuck on how to do two things:

In the drop down, I only want the items in the "name" column on my spreadsheet to display, and then when that option is selected I only want the value in the "soonest_availability_words" column to actually be inserted in the snippet. Any direction on a solution for that?

{urlload:; done=(res) -> ["csv_data":res]}
{options=slice(split(catch(csv_data, ""), "\n"), 2)}
{formmenu: values={=options}; name=markets}

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It might be easiest to hop on a call with you and walk you through how to use the API in Data Blaze.

If you email we can schedule a video call with you to take you through it.