Nested folders / subfolders

I understand this has been discussed before. I have upvoted the Nested folders feature idea. We are involved in customer service for our product. We need agents working on our Live chat to find snippets easily. We would like nested/subfolders eg Live Chat folder has currently a huge amount of snippets available to agents. If we could subfolder/ categorize folder these main folders ie Main Folder "Live Chat" >"Topic" > "snippets for that topic". This would direct the agents to find what they need quickly when under the pressure of a phone call/ live chat. Instead of searching through more than a 100 snippets - they could be giving 6 key snippets under the subfolder. We have tried adding more keywords to the labels to help us but we seem to be really growing fast with Textblaze and this will keep us organised.

Hello Andrea,

Thank you for your feedback regarding subfolders. This is something we understand can be very helpful for large teams with a lot of snippets. We're not planning to work on this feature at the moment, but this may change in the future as we take feedback to heart.

For completeness, I'm linking to the original feature request: Nested folders for organisation

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