Note color customization

I am pretty quiet here as of late, but I still use Text Blaze a LOT in what I do.

I use notes in my snippets quite often. In fact, sometimes I will make a snippet just to be a note (Instructions for a workflow as an example).

It would be nice to be able to change the notes font color, instead of the wavy line underneath, to distinguish the note from the actionable part of the snippets. Sometimes the wavy line makes it a little difficult to read the note for me.

Hi @Laren_Eggleston,

You can format the contents of notes in the same way that you would format any other text in the snippet. That includes font size, color, style and highlighting.

Have you tried that by any chance?

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Hi Cedric! Sorry I have been both busy and very sick as well. Thank you for your reply! I really hadn't worked with changing the font color or size, etc. That's a great suggestion. I do think that being able to toggle off the wavy lines in notes might be a good thing, however I understand that it's not probably a big priortity. :slight_smile:


You're welcome @Laren_Eggleston

Hope you're in good health now!

I'm adding my 2 cents in this post because it has to do with the UI for notes. Rather than use the gray squiggly underline for all the text to signify a note, which is quite horrid to look at, how about enclosing the note in border? Additionally, I'd like to see a little vertical white space so that form fields aren't touching.


Hi @Bob_Charpentier - thanks for the suggestions. Our programmers are always monitoring the forum for feedback and suggestions, so I'm sure they've already made a note of this :slight_smile: