November Developer Update

Text Blaze Updates

:card_index_dividers: Integrating Site Data Across Multiple Chrome Tabs

You might already be familiar with the {site} command, which allows you to pull content from a website and use it in your snippets. Up until now, this command was only able to get data from the tab you're currently on. But guess what? We're stepping up our game with a new Beta feature! Now, you can extract data from any Chrome tab that is open at the time of inserting the snippet! :tada:

In the animation below, you can see it extract and use data both on the same tab (LinkedIn) and on a different tab:

selector tool new

It works on any site. As another example, you can now easily grab data from HubSpot and pop it right into Google Chat. No more tedious copy-pasting from HubSpot! Check out this animation showing how it's done:

cross-tab demo1

This Beta feature generated a ton of excitement in our community request forum. We hope you find it super useful!

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Customize Your Sidebar Size

The snippet sidebar on the left of the Text Blaze window is now resizable. Feel free to adjust it to your liking, make it larger or smaller based on your needs.


Data Blaze Updates

:eyes: Choose How You View Your Spaces

Data Blaze now offers an optional list view for spaces. You can easily switch between the default grid view and list view by clicking the toggle in the upper right of the view:


In this new list view, you can sort your spaces in different ways by clicking on the column headers. Here's what the list view looks like:


:clipboard: Copy a Row URL with a Simple Right-Click

We've made it easier for you to share specific rows. Just right-click on a row and select "Copy Row URL" to get a direct link to that row.


:clapper: Video of the month

This month's video gives you an overview of how to use the new {click} command selector we introduced last month.

And remember... :hugs:

If you ever need a helping hand, don't hesitate to drop a line in our Question and Answer community forums. And if there's something you'd love to see in Text Blaze or Data Blaze, we'd be thrilled to hear about it in the Features Ideas section. We're always here to help!