Use the "Insert Website Information" from one tab and paste it in another tab

I am a fellow Educator and we often get together in professional development meetings to share ways to be more efficient. A lot of my colleagues use another very popular text extender application and it has a feature that TextBlaze does not have yet. The application is able to use the "Insert Website Information" feature to grab data from one tab and use a snippet to add it to a different tab. Here are some examples of how they use this:

  • We tend to text our students and parents with updates on their progress. Using this feature I would be able to activate the snippet on a tab with my preferred communication application, Google Voice for example. I would have the snippet pull data from a different tab that has the student's grade book open and add the data to the text I'm sending to the student.

  • I can also do this as an email. Start the snippet in the message of my email and have it pull data from the grade book opened in another tab.

I currently use the snippet below as an alternative. I update weekly the table in DataBlaze with the new information for a select group of students. Then I activate the snippet, choose the student, and text them the data. However, this is only efficient if the data changes on a weekly or monthly basis since the table has to be updated to stay current. For other situations where the data changes on a daily basis, it's not efficient for me to update my DataBlaze on a daily or hourly basis. This is where this feature would come into play.

{dbselect: SELECT `First Name`, `Last Name`, `Course Work Current Grade`, `Number Assignments Submitted Last Week`, `Last Assignment Turned In Date`, `Estimated Completion Date`, `Number Weeks Behind`, `Weeks Active` FROM `SMC 8-14`; space=7ms8FBnhiSYmmS8Srxj8LF; menu=yes}

{import: /import-hello}{=`first name`}!

You are doing {random-text: terrific, phenomenal, outstanding, extraordinary, incredible} in this segment!
Here is your progress so far:

Weeks Active: {=`weeks active`}
Current Grade: {=`course work current grade`}%
Number of assignments submitted last week: {=`number assignments submitted last week`}
Last assignment submitted on: {=`last assignment turned in date`}
Estimated completion date for current segment: {=`estimated completion date`}

FUN question: Would you rather live in an amusement park or a zoo?

{import: /import-sig}

My alternative for data that changes on an hourly basis is to run the snippet in a random text space in the tab where the data is located. Then, copy and paste the information into Google Voice which is in another tab. Then, I'll go back and erase the snippet where it was run since I don't need it there.

{import: /import-hello} {import: /import-firstname} - You are doing amazing so far! You have successfully submitted {import: /import-#ofassignments} {if: {site: text; selector=[data-bind="text: LMSAssignmentsInLastSevenDays"]} >1}assignments{elseif: {site: text; selector=[data-bind="text: LMSAssignmentsInLastSevenDays"]} == 1}assignment and are ahead of pace{else}{endif} in LA1 this week!

{if: `add-on` == "DBA" OR contains({site: text; selector=#SCDInputESLComments}, "Ready for DBA,"); trim=left} You are ready for a DBA, you can schedule your appointment through my page, .{else}{endif}

{if: `add-on` == "In Order" OR contains({site: text; selector=#SCDInputESLComments}, "Skp"); trim=left} Don't forget to only work one module at a time. Focus on module {=`module #`} for now.{else}{endif}

{if: {site: text; selector=[data-bind="text: LMSCurrentGradeFormat"]} > "93" and `add-on` == "Add-On" and NOT contains({site: text; selector=#SCDInputESLComments}, "Skp") and NOT contains({site: text; selector=#SCDInputESLComments}, "Ready for DBA,"); trim=left} Have you looked at your overall grade lately, very impressive!{endif} Keep up the tremendous work, and reach out if you have any questions. -Ms. Saavedra :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Any portion of the snippet that says "import" is a snippet that was imported into this snippet. I just label the original snippets that way so it's easier for me to know that if I need to edit that part of the snippet, I need to go to the original snippet.

@Dan_Barak1 Let me know if this makes sense or if I need to clarify further. Thank you! I can also give you the name of the extender application if you want to look into it.

This is great, @Jennifer_Saavedra . Thank you!
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