One of the best tools I've deployed in my tech stack - but it needs nested folders!

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As shown in the picture, my content team has saved +500 hours using TextBlaze scripts. But more importantly, we've been able to greatly reduce errors in our scripted messages, which amount to more than 500 hours.

Since we use TextBlaze in all processes related to our content acquisition and creation (+ chatgpt prompts), we have created a vast library of scripts, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to navigate the scripts since the tool does not support nested folders.

So I was hoping this is feature could be implemented in the near future :slight_smile:

Good work TextBlaze team and happy new year!



Hi @KasperMillerID Welcome to the forum, and a happy new year to you too! :slight_smile:

Those are very impressive stats :fire: We are glad you find Text Blaze useful for yourself and your entire team.

Nested folders has been requested before, so I will link the original request here for completeness: Nested folders for organisation

In the meanwhile, here are a few tips for organizing a large snippet library:

In addition, you can disable any folders that you are not currently using, to avoid cluttering your dashboard, as shown in this image:


Finally, our search tool supports fuzzy searching. You can press the hotkey (Ctrl-/ or Cmd-/) to bring it up, and then type to search, and hit Enter to go to the snippet you're looking for.


Last, but not the least: if you have any one specific issue related to navigating between the snippets, please let us know about your workflow a little more in detail. At what specific step in your workflow, are you navigating between the snippets? Could we automate that part - for example, after inserting snippet 1, you automatically always navigate to snippet 2? We can connect over our support email to discuss your workflow and ideate more :hammer_and_pick:


Hi! I solved this for our business by creating a "master-snippet", which consists of a dropdown-menu where you choose which snippets to import. I.e

{note: trim=right}{formmenu: default=Menu; category 1; category 2; category 3; name=Menu; cols=12; trim=yes}{endnote: trim=left}
{if: menu="category 1"; trim=left}
{import: cat1; trim=no}{endif: trim=left}
{if: menu="category 2"; trim=left}
{import: cat2}{endif: trim=left}
{if: menu="category 3"; trim=left}
{import: cat3}{endif: trim=left}

Skjermbilde 2024-01-08 124710

It provides an alternative way to find and insert snippets if you can't recall exactly which shortcut you need