Password generator


I work in IT and use Text Blaze.

I reset a lot of passwords is there any way to include a random password as a field in a snippet?

Hi @Shaun_Pilgrim Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I understand you are looking to generate a password from within a Text Blaze snippet. Try this out:

{values=split(ascii, "")}
The generated password is {repeat: 12}{random-text: {=values}}{endrepeat}

This will generate a 12 character random password.

I didn't sit down and write all the characters manually, I used AI Write to generate that part :slightly_smiling_face: The prompt I used is "I want to generate a list of valid characters. generate a long string with all ASCII letters numbers and symbols. split it to make a list, named values".

Then I took the value list, passed it to random-text (which will randomly pick any one letter from that list), and repeated it 12 times to get 12 random letters.

Let me know if it works for you.