Persistent Dock-able/Floating Window?

Hey! Hope this message finds everyone well during these weird times :mask:

  • I was wondering if it were possible to add an option for a persistent "Window" that would allow users to simply click on a "Shortcut(s)" and have its contents inserted.

  • Window would have "docked" or "floating" options.

  • If floating, then perhaps an additional "always on top" option.

  • Window would provide layout options for the Shortcuts: by folder, recent, alphabetically, by date, etc.

  • Window would have a search feature to more easily find Shortcuts.

  • Cursor focus should work intuitively such that clicking a Shortcut doesn't require an additional click to return focus to workspace.

On a side note, I run an Online/Virtual Latin Dance Studio :dancer::man_dancing::grinning:, and as I interact with potential students find myself repeatedly typing out the same information over and over on FB, Insta & WhatsApp. I recently started using an app called "WordBoard" on iOS and found it very helpful, and I was looking for something similar in Windows 10.

That's when I discovered this nifty Chrome extension. Even though I just started using it, it looks like it's going to save me a ton of time. Kudos to the developers!

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Love this idea. This is something we should explore further.

Note that you can click on the Extension icon by your Chrome URL bar to open open a window like this. It doesn't persist though.


Thanks for the prompt response, @scott! I'm glad you find the idea worth pursuing :grinning:

Yes, I am aware of the window that opens on clicking the Extension icon on the Chrome URL bar... and it's lack of persistence :joy:

As I thought more about it, the built-in Windows 10 emoji pop-up window layout comes to mind :thinking:

Not sure if that :point_up: makes sense.

[EDIT1: I find myself labeling my Snippets with emojis either way, but maybe it's just me :man_shrugging:]
[EDIT2: The window can activate/deactivate via Hotkey(s), but it must persist :rofl:]


Yes! This would be super helpful. Currently I keep my TextBlaze snippet page pinned in a tab on my browser because I have so many snippets that I can't remember them all without referencing from time to time. It would be a huge time saver to have an option to have the page docked or floating.


Thanks for the feedback @Deborah_Lewis. I'll ping @scott on this.



this is realy the only missing for the windows version.
Any News if this will be implemented?

Update: Forget my post :wink:

Hi @Bob_derHund Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

And I am glad you figured this out. I will still mention this for the other users reading this post: you can press Ctrl+Shift+/ in the Windows app to get a floating window to insert your shortcuts.