Salesforce Lightning Usage

Hi Blazers!

I'd love to hear how y'all are using Text Blaze with Salesforce Lightning. Currently, I am using it to automate the following:

  • Creating new cases
  • Creating new tasks/activities
  • Updating existing cases with new and/or revised information
  • Reassign case ownership to specific users or case queues
  • Using date shifting so that regardless of the day I use a snippet, the date shifting code automatically pastes a future date in the case info as a flag for following up.
  • Make posts in case feeds
  • Extracting info from Salesforce Fields and automatically pasting them in various places.

Now I am tackling how to marry Autopilot commands with the Salesforce Keyboard Shortcuts in effort to move around Salesforce more efficiently.

Love to hear about what you are doing within Salesforce! Feel welcome to ask my any question as well. We're all in this together!

All the best,

Hi Brad,

I'm looking to try and integrate Text Blaze into salesforce case creation for my team. Would you be willing to share some of your snippets to be used as inspiration?

I can see so much potential for using it with salesforce!

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Hi @cole.hamilton! Happy to share. I'll post a handful in the "Using Text Blaze with Salesforce - Questions, Tips, Snippets and Advice" topic.

Hope this helps!

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Amazing! Thanks so much Brad. I'll follow there and see if there is anything I can add myself.