Snippet problem

Hello TextBlaze team! I have a problem with my snippets When i enter the shortcut in a text, it doen't appear the box. I mean the box with the command as the name, the selection of especific date and time. I hear the sound but nothing happens. The only snippets that i can use is those with a text. I restart my chrome, my computer and i saw if i am offline from the program, but everithing is runnig perfect. I want your help if the problem is mine or yours. Thank you for your time!

Hi @Konstantinos_Bonios, welcome to the forum.
Please check if you have conflicting shortcuts. Conflicting shortcuts will be highlighted in orange in your dashboard. If not, please email us at

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Hi @Konstantinos_Bonios - welcome to the forum.

As per our email conversation, the issue has now been resolved :slight_smile:

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