SubFolders Use Case

I did see the previous post about nested folders and that they would affect the sharing, but I wanted to mention a reason I have for liking subfolders as a feature.

As a time management trainer and coach, every productivity tool I use, I also teach to my coaching clients and corporate teams.

While teaching, I don't want to be showing my own clients' information on the screen or even the names of my clients. If I could have a folder system like Clients, then subfolders of Client 1, Client 2, Client 3, and so on, then my clients and students could only see that I have a folder named Clients and wouldn't see my client names unless I open the folder.

I would only need one additional level to solve this though others may have needs for more levels.

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Thanks for the post. That's an interesting use case.

I have a few questions about the use case.

  • You might still have the problem of a folder showing up while searching for the wrong snippet. Or forgetting to collapse a parent folder. What do you want to do about it?
  • Why not use a different account for public use, if there are privacy concerns?

I recommend adding the use case to the original thread so everyone can see the context. This will help to keep the conversation organized and make it easier for others to follow.

As you already mentioned that you had read the original conversation and understood its implications, I will refrain from reiterating what Scott had said in the original thread.

A second free account for demo purposes is a good suggestion.

Not worried about collapsing the Client folder as that is easy to keep closed and I do that with the other software I use.

Another benefit of nested folders might be organization as I will soon have 100s of snippets. But I am not worried that much about the organization of snippets as Search is better in my mind than filing digital bits

That's a lot of snippets. Maybe you can explore advanced commands like forms to reduce them.

Another suggestion I can provide in this case is Team folders. The team folders section is collapsible. You can try to explore that as well if you like.