Tag/Insert snippet in new snippet

It'd be great to add some of my existing snippets in new snippets. Eg.

/explanation: "this is what this means"
/specificexpl: "I'll explain this, and also this: /explanation"

Is that possiblew

Hello @Support_Goodness_Lov and welcome to the forum.
Yes - this is possible using the {import} command

Thank you Dan! I should have read the documentation better I guess! I love your app, btw :slight_smile:

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@Support_Goodness_Lov - one of the ways I like to use the import command, is with email signatures.

I have multiple email templates, and I import the signature from a dedicated snippet. That way, if I need to change anything in my signature, I only need to do it in one place. :slight_smile:


Yes, I've been using this so much, especially with salutations with sender's first name! Very handy feature :slight_smile:

@Support_Goodness_Lov - have you tried these?

Automated messages based on time and date