Triggering Snippets which starts with Dropdown

Hello All,

We have to fill up a particular form almost daily for 5-10 times with dynamic data. I wanted to use TextBlaze so that I can save my time here. But I am not sure how can I trigger Snippets since the start of this form is dropdown.

can someone please help? @Cedric_Debono_Blaze

This is the link Registration of web form.

I tried selecting Dropdown, but it was without any success. Can anybody please help?

Hi Pratik! I have that every once in a while also. I get around that by starting the snippet in any spot that I can type into and then using tab to get to the dropdown. Using the dropdown can be a little tricky though. Figure out how to do it with your keyboard and then build that into your snippet.

Good luck!

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Thanks Laren for answer. I actually did the same wherein I started with text field and went backwork using "Shift Tab".

However, for dropdown, After reaching to dropdown, I almost tried everything (mentioning below) I know but I could not get any success.

  1. enter click and arrow down
  2. {click} element and down arrow
  3. repeat down arrow
  4. clicking on first letter of the option I wanted e.g. N as I wanted to select Non-judicial

Do you know any other method to do this?

@Pratik_Shah — have you tried using a {wait: delay=0.2s} after selecting the dropdown? Sometimes the website needs a little bit of time to load the contents of the dropdown menu.

I think when you get to the dropdown using the tabs that you should just use the down arrow. Don't select it. Use enter after you get to the one that you want. See if that works.

Thank you for suggestions. I will try this one. I will revert.

I actually tried it but I don't think it worked. However, thank you for your answer, I will probably put 2 seconds wait and then will click downarrow.

Hello @Cedric_Debono_Blaze and @Laren_Eggleston ,

I tried everything you suggested but is not working and looks like some issues at the website. Can you guys try it once from your end, if possible?

the code I am using is
{key:shift-tab}{key:shift-tab}{key:shift-tab}{key:shift-tab}{wait: delay=0.3s}{key:control-downarrow}{wait: delay=0.3s}
triggering at Department Tax ID text field.

I tried using the different methods in the code but none of those worked.
Thank you for all your help.

We aren't able to access that as it requires a log in. Have you tried {key:downarrow} instead of {key:controldownarrow}?

Hi, No, it did not work.. However, once I reach there, I am able to manually do it using "Enter" or "Downarrow". I am not sure why it is not working using TextBlaze. Can TextBlaze help me to resolve this or understand what can be the technical problem? @scott

Hi @Pratik_Shah,

Text Blaze doesn't actually press the key—it merely emulates what would happen when the key is pressed. This means there are some instances where the feature won't work. The Automation feature is still in the experimental phase. Of course, we plan to continue improving it, but I can't give you an ETA for when the feature will be finalized.

Thank you for clarification. However, I don't think that I could understand it properly being non-technical guy.

Hope to get this feature soon as most of my work will be on this website only. I upgraded to Pro few days back mainly because of this.

Will come back with more queries, as and when I explore more in Text Blaze.

Thank you

@Pratik_Shah - let's jump on a call, maybe I can figure out a solution. Please drop me an email at with subject line: "ATTN: Cedric - re: automation"

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Thank you so much. I have sent an email.

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@Cedric_Debono_Blaze @Pratik_Shah

Were you able to find a solution to this issue? I'm having something similar happen here.

No, it is still not working. @Cedric_Debono_Blaze also tried using different approach but it is not working on that particular website.

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hi all,

I want to take a moment to outline some general tips about selecting from popup menus in Text Blaze.

First, if the website uses a native system popup form element, Text Blaze, doesn't allow you to select from menu the currently. This is because the popup menu selection window is not part of the web page itself (it's being handled by the operating system) so we don't have the ability to navigate it.

However, many websites use pure HTML popup menus. Text Blaze can generally navigate these. How you do that involves a couple of steps:

  1. Navigate to the form element with {key: tab} or {key: shift-tab}
  2. Use {key: enter} or {key: space} or {click} to open the menu (you may need to test all three)
    2b) Optional: wait for a small period of time to allow the page to catch up (e.g. {wait: delay=.5s})
  3. Use {key: downarrow} or {key: uparrow} to navigate up or down the menu to find the element you want
    3b) Optional: wait for a small period of time to allow the page to catch up (e.g. {wait: delay=.5s})
  4. Use {key: enter} or {key: space} or {click} to select the element
    4b) Optional: wait for a small period of time to allow the page to catch up (e.g. {wait: delay=.5s})

Thank you for these detailed instructions.
I guess, @Cedric_Debono_Blaze tried all these while we were on call, but none of those worked.

Looks like website on which I am trying this is having native system popup form element.

@Pratik_Shah - sorry I couldn't be of more help.. Unfortunately there are some things that are out of our control.