Up and Down Arrow Keys

What an amazing tool text blaze is I must say. The kind of time you can save with it is just marvelous, not to mention its satisfying automated live filling-in the text fields. Just like a magic show.

Anyhow I was experimenting some snippets and was looking to use arrow keys - specifically up and down arrow keys to "scroll" through a list and select a specific item from that list. To my surprise I found out textblaze doesn't support up and down keys. Could use some ideas on how to tackle such situation; and if doing so is even possible. Thanks!

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can try using: {key: uparrow} and {key: downarrow}

However, please note Text Blaze arrow keys are simulated. We try to replicate what would happen if you actually pressed the up or down arrows, but it may not work in the specific app/situation you are using them in.

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Thank you for that. Works as I had intended it to.