Updating data on a list from a Google Spreadsheet (that is reqularly updated)

In the above snippet there is a long list of doctor's names with the suburb of practice and their unique ID Provider number (unique for name & location - provided by Govt body).

My issue is that the doctor list (name - suburb - Provider number) is ever changing and constantly needs updating. The data in the list "dr_list" is alphabetised according to surname. It is very long and very clumsy to update.

I was wondering if the data in the list "dr_list" can be tabulated in a Google Spreadsheet from where alterations can be easily made and automatically updated into the snippet? Hope this is clear?

George Marinos

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Hi @George_Marinos

Would something like the examply in this thread work?

Thanks Cedric,
This works extremely well. Perfect solution. Great tool.

Thank you.

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@George_Marinos - you're most welcome :slight_smile: