Extract data from a published google spreadsheet

Extract data from a published google spreadsheet and use the values in the first column in a dropdown menu to look up the other values in the row.

This is the original spreadsheet:
public testing - DO NOT DELETE - Google Sheets

{urlload: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRg1Cge8IQ6FgknYMrU6ZRRL42JLsHWwNsX5BYWM-r2PnfaN7utkbf_O-VYO9lUpJa0UvNmS8gYaLfi/pub?output=csv; done=(res) -> ["csv"=res]}
{endnote: trim=right}
{if: iserror(csv)}Loading{else}{rows=slice(map(split(csv, "\n"), row -> split(row, ",")), 2); trim=right}

Col 1 value: {formmenu: values={=rows}; itemformatter=(row) -> row[1]; name=col}
Col 2 value: {=col[2]}
Col 3 value: {=col[3]}
Col 4 value: {=col[4]}{endif}

P.S. For instructions on how to publish a Google Sheet, please see this thread:

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I am really interested to know about this. I am trying your snippet but it does not load any data.

Am I doing it wrong?

Also, can I directly extract data from Airtable base and can use the values in snippets any different places?

Hi @Pratik_Shah,

  1. Click on the folder where you've saved the snippet.
  2. Click on "Configure" (see image below)
  3. Enable the connection to "Google Sheets"

That should make the snippet functional :slight_smile:

You can read more about connected snippets here:

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Can you help me get this thing work?
This is my airtable sheet having dummy data. I want to automatically extract these data once I write snippet.

I want drop down with list of "Company Name" i.e. with first column. and based on selection, relevant details of selected company shall be used in snippets.

Is this possible?

Hey Pratik, I think this snippet does exactly what you mention:

You will need to change the property names but the rest should work as is. Please do experiment with it :slight_smile:


Thank you Gaurang. I will play with it.

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