Using a keyboard shortcut to expand text


Is it possible to use a keyboard shortcut to enter a snippet?

I'm used to Prokeys and I'd like to switch
I used to type the short code then press Shift + Space to expand it

Is this supported? If not, is this feature planned for future versions?

Thank you

Hi @unlocomqx

Text Blaze has a keyboard shortcut, but it's used to open the extension menu so you can search for snippets and insert them. It also shows your most popular snippets.

However, it's currently not possible to assign a "keypress combination" (e.g. ctrl+shift+A) to a specific snippet.

Here's a video of how the Text Blaze keyboard shortcut works:

Additionally, here's a video showing some other methods for inserting snippets with Text Blaze:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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