What do you use AI for?

In the last few months, I have been starting to use AI more, so I thought I would start a thread for what AI tools we are using, and what we use them for.

I am hoping this will spark ideas on ways to use AI I haven't thought of yet. I look forward to hearing everyone's experiences and creative uses of AI!


I use it to extract information that is relevant to my use case, from a large documentation corpus that I have not read (but ChatGPT has read).

For example, I was not familiar with Win32 APIs (a few months ago). I talked to ChatGPT asking it to explain step by step, "how to do X in Win32", "how to do Y in Win32". The learning here is more engaging, because I always directly focus at the use case I am trying to solve for.

Sometimes I will find a blog post on the internet explaining my use case. But often I will not, in which case ChatGPT is great. Of course, ChatGPT will also often 'hallucinate' an API that doesn't exist, so I need to always cross-reference everything from the official docs. If the hallucination problem is solved, it can be my goto-source for information (sadly not yet).

PS: You asked about AI in general but I'm guessing you meant ChatGPT specifically :slightly_smiling_face:

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I've been using for a number of things.

First and foremost to help me generate PHP code. I've used it to help build some complicated API integrations and it's saved me man days of time. It's pretty incredible.

I've also been using it to optimize and improve my exisiting code for best practise. I've learnt a lot doing this and my code is cleaner and works faster.

Also for the site I run we run a lot of polls etc, and I use it to generate interesting Polls. It generates the Question and 10 possible answers. These are generated here in TextBlaze usign a number of drop down fields that allows me to tailor the Poll Question based on subject, mood, year and genre etc.

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I have various OpenAI APIs baked into about 18 "copilots"; some are driven by Text Blaze, and many are engaged through various apps. I build everything as a "copilot" which is to say, I never actually use the experimental apps offered by OpenAI.

I've triggered significant productivity advantages by creating these as more formal integrations. Our teams don't want to go somewhere to use AI and then return with a copy buffer; they want it seamlessly integrated into their work. Text Blaze makes this possible as discussed here, and we have copilots running in Espanso, Coda, and Google Apps Script.

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Thanks for your feedback. I actually meant in general, not just ChatGPT as I am looking for more ways to use AI.

I have been using AI chat in search, AI in writing and AI in presentation design, using different tools.