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I just started using the product yesterday and am finding it to be very helpful most of the time. I have, however, already had 3 instances where I lost all of my work on a complicated/wordy form because my browser quit or I had been multitasking and my cursor was no longer in the original box where I started my form.

I have started working on things in multiple windows to try to combat this, but unexpected errors and things come up. Is there a workflow to insert information into a field before moving on automatically to the next snippet I have set to run or would I just need to manually run the snippets in pieces to try to avoid losing my work?

Hi @Rebecca_MacAdams Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Your feedback makes sense. We actually discussed this last year in the community:

I mentioned in that thread that I will address this issue soon, but then I did not :zipper_mouth_face:

So, as I understand, your suggestion is that: after every {key:tab} into a new field, we prompt you if this is the correct text field. If not, you can place your cursor in the right place. And then you hit a 'continue' button to keep running. Is that correct?

I think that would be difficult to implement and time-consuming to use as a user. Here are some other ideas I have that may interest you:

  1. Automatically copy the previous form data to your clipboard when it fails to insert. You can then paste it anywhere to get back all your data.
  2. Automatically "re-launch" the form when it fails to insert with the same contents that you had typed. This way, you can then place the cursor in the right textbox, and submit the form again.

Here, "when it failed to insert" would mean: the snippet text is supposed to go into a textfield, but because of {key:tab}, no textfield was focused and the text couldn't be pasted.

Does that match your expectations? Let me know what you think. Happy to also jump on a call if you'd like.

Your solutions are exactly what I was thinking to address the two scenarios in which I lost data. One being you insert to no where, and two being a case where your window is inadvertently closed prior to inserting.

I’ve starting showing other providers the product, but held off because of the saving issue. When you document at time of service and lose all the information you gathered from the patient, the frustration is pretty high
. A fix to this would really make this next level!!

Got it, I understood your concern and yes it is definitely frustrating in these cases.

It is actually difficult to detect with 100% confidence when the form snippet has "failed to insert" in some cases. Let me elaborate:

  1. We can reliably detect when the target window/tab has been closed before inserting the form. That means the form failed to insert.
  2. We can reliably detect when the original textbox has disappeared. But, in this case, it is possible that the user intentionally wants the snippet to go into a different textbox. It's not necessary to be a failure.
  3. We cannot reliably detect when it fails to insert due to an issue in the website. For example, if the website reverts the inserted text for some reason.

So my suggested solutions above would not work always. But, don't worry. I'll also think of some other solutions, and keep you posted on new updates.

I think saving until the insert button was utilized would be a great start. What about keeping the information in the clipboard for a certain period of time, or until overwritten and it being a setting people could turn off if they are worried about data sitting in the clipboard? Last idea would be to keep the data until inserted and also add a copy button to add to clip board and paste in your field so users like me could skip the insert button all together and choose where to insert. Thanks for getting back to me and look forward to hearing the results!

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Hi there,

Just wanted to report that I continue to lose valuable information when using forms for my documentation. I have had sudden crashing of the browser which I attributed to using a productivity browser called Wavebox, however I found that the exact same thing happens using Chrome. I have lost so much productive time due to this, I try to copy onto my clipboard often, purchased an app that allows for multiple things to be saved to the clipboard because of this, but would really like to see a fix for this. I have constant concerns over using the tool because of this, and it is something that saves a lot of time when it works properly. Any update?

Hi @Rebecca_MacAdams , the next extension version will hopefully address your feedback. Please email me at so I can set you up with the beta extension access (which should be out next week), so you can check if it works well for you.

Just to update this thread: this feature is now available in the extension :partying_face: See May Development Update for more details.