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Hello friends,

I'm in the process of building a template for my team, and one issue we run into is that if the agent attempts to insert while not targeting the original source box, the contents of the template are lost to the void. (This can be a large time sink for my team, to have to re-document a full review.)

Is it possible to use {clipboard} essentially in reverse? ie: I can force a snippet to load it's final contents into my clipboard as a back-up?

Essentially having the agent complete the form, hit insert, and if they failed to re-target the correct tab / area - the clipboard would have that completed template output so that they can just use paste?

Hi @Steven_Hohlt,

Interesting scenario. Could you drop me an email at cedric@blaze.today please? While what you're asking isn't possible using the exact workflow you proposed, there are a couple of other ways we might be able to achieve the same outcome. But I would need to have a more indepth conversation in order to provide you with a workflow that makes sense for your scenario.

Let me know.

I can certainly send an email, will do so here in a moment.

Hi @Steven_Hohlt , just jumping in to say that while Cedric provides you with a workaround, we're aware of this issue and working on resolving this. Our intended mechanism is simpler than having to copy to clipboard, which is that if we detect the form insertion was unsuccessful, then we do not close the form window, allowing you to focus with your mouse on the correct textbox (within the same tab) and then press "Insert" again to insert the form into the currently focused target. If it fails again, we give the chance again, and so on.

The key constraint to note is that this works within the same tab. Let me know if this will address your concerns. Thanks!

In my use case, the tab option wouldn't resolve, as we operate in web based tools - all in separate tabs or windows depending on how the user wishes to arrange their desktop/setup.

So they go into tool A to start the snippet, keep up the form to preform a series of reviews (a massive snippet that essentially functions as taxonomy for the team) - and then utilize Tools B/C/D/E/F to complete the review, upon completion they return to Tool A to insert / paste final completed notes from the snippet.

What is happening, is they hit insert while coming back (or not coming back) out of instinct of being "done" and if they fail to click back within that tab then - it's gone.

Given these reviews take 15-20 minutes, they have to then either from memory (not a great solution) recreate their notes, or re-do the review to double check for accuracy. (also not a great solution) - so this impacts time, that the form intended to reduce.

If it could save to the clipboard, then they can manually paste or even paste back in to manually correct, as a fail-safe. (or if TB could just re-orient back to the original HTML page that would be an amazing fix.)

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Thanks for your detailed and helpful description, this situation makes much more sense now.

This functionality is already present in Text Blaze :slight_smile: I am not sure why this is not working in your case. Can you screenshare with me on a video call to demo this? We should be able to find a quick fix. Please email me at gaurang@blaze.today and I will be happy to resolve this for you asap.


I have found that this works with Google Docs for me. I sometimes have several tabs of them open and it will find the correct one. However yesterday as I was submitting the snippet that I use for case notes Google Docs signed me out and I lost my case notes. Exactly the way that @Steven_Hohlt described above.
Also Salesforce Classic, which I am currently stuck using, has it's own tab system within the case. If I'm on a different area there and accidentally submit then I will lose those as well. If I've started the snippet and then the case refreshes then although I at least still have the snippet window open with all of the information, I cannot submitt it anywhere.

So today, (I rebuilt the entire thing due to process updates) - the form is not going into the void and the intended process is occurring.

So if it stops working, the insert button just results in it remaining on screen.

Thanks for your inputs @Laren_Eggleston and @Steven_Hohlt , I will attempt to push a new release asap to account for these cases. Will keep you both posted.

I haven't updated any extensions, but I did have this actually occur again today.

The conditions are a little more specific then I gave before:
Our CRM is open, but it has multiple views inside it's HTML page.

If the user is not specifically within that embedded tab / view - it will trigger the insert but fail the correct box, because it sees the similar URL (or so I assume.)

I would imagine the case being the source target has such a close site, it can't tell the difference, and then the insert results in the snippet closing and data lost.

So a back up method to like temp save to clipboard upon insert being pressed that we can code, would do wonders.

Thanks for your update @Steven_Hohlt We are working on a save to clipboard function as you described, and it should be out soon via an extension update. Cheers!

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