Bug in Vivaldi will not open dash

Please see this bug error here

Thanks, @Thorrrr for raising the issue. Are you using Vivaldi on Windows, macOS or Linux?

Hi Linux it wont open the Dashboard and will not run the url action

Thanks for the response. We will look into it and will let you when it is resolved.

Vivaldi has poor support for Chrome extension features, including typing tb<spacebar>. Vivaldi doesn't have the Chrome omnibox, so this feature doesn't work. This was reported elsewhere, and the Vivaldi team doesn't plan to fix this.

Regarding the other issue, that also happens occasionally (not always), and only on Linux, and we are not sure why it happens.

If we find any other information, we'll keep the thread updated.

I see this on there site Add Search Engines by Extensions | Vivaldi Forum

You can add a external search but not sure why TB needs Chrome API does that not send info back to Google ?

The search engine handler is different from the extension keyword handler in Chrome. The Chrome extension creates a lot more than just a search engine.

Either way, take a look here at the Vivaldi forums to see a similar discussion:

Does this mean it will never work in Vivaldi ?

Right now, Vivaldi maintains a custom search bar, and has not adopted Chrome's omnibox. This creates the incompatibility for all Chrome extensions (not just ours)

Vivaldi also does not provide extensions with a custom API instead. We can revisit this issue when they provide the extensions with an API.